• File:Jardin.jpgManuel F. Ayau Lawn,
    at the heart of UFM’s campus, is the site of graduation ceremonies. More than 10,000 students have graduated from UFM since the university was founded in 1971. All UFM students, regardless of discipline, are taught the principles of market economics and the causes and origins of the wealth of nations. The Manuel F. Ayau Society was recently established in honor of UFM’s founding president.

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  • File:Biblioteca.jpgLudwig von Mises Library
    at UFM was named for the renowned Austrian economist. The library has more than 57,000 volumes, 700 maps, and special collections of historical significance. Library users may also take advantage of more than 20 subscriptions to databases and digital resources.

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  • File:Plazalibertad.jpgLiberty Plaza
    is the heart of the UFM Cultural Center, which features two of the country’s top museums, a state-of-the-art performing arts center, and the innovative exhibition of the digitally restored Lienzo de Quauhquechollan. UFM was founded almost forty years ago to teach the principles of a free society. On August 4, 2010 hundreds gathered at Liberty Plaza to pay their last respects to UFM founder Manuel F. Ayau.

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  • File:Campus.jpgBird’s-eye view
    of the UFM campus in Guatemala City. The campus was built on one of the last remnants of forest that once covered the valley. Manuel F. Ayau’s vision for this university called for buildings that blended in with their natural surroundings and the preservation of trees and wildlife. UFM was moved to its present location in 1987, and has been called “a university in a garden.”

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  • File:Catedra.jpgSocratic classrooms
    at UFM are designed to encourage dialogue between students and instructors. University founder Manuel F. Ayau established the tradition of bringing professors from around the world to UFM to share their research and knowledge with students, faculty, and alumni. Hundreds of hours of lectures and conferences are available online through UFM’s New Media department.

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Friends of UFM

Friends of UFM is a not-for-profit foundation based in the United States that raises awareness and funds for the students, programs, instruction, and facilities of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.
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Manuel F. Ayau Society

Universidad Francisco Marroquín and Friends of UFM, Inc., are combining efforts to raise awareness and funds to celebrate the life of Manuel F. Ayau, who founded UFM in 1971. His recent passing has generated a worldwide response from those whose lives he touched who want to honor his legacy. Funds raised in his memory will support two initiatives that he was passionate about: the ITA scholarship program and the university’s long-standing tradition of bringing outstanding scholars in the field of economics to teach at UFM.
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